10 Apps to Boost Your Online Presence


Running a successful business has always included some sort of networking and nowadays you cannot network without social media. Social media can help your business reach a global audience and bring in customers from far and wide. Your brand needs to be have a social media presence in order to build relationships with potential customers, keep in touch with current customers, and build customer loyalty and engagement with your company. It also helps you stay in touch with other professionals in your industry and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news.

Modern customers expect brands to always be online and are more likely to recommend brands that are highly engaged and offer quick responses to their queries. Not only do you need to be “on” all the time - you need be on the right platforms to reach your target audience, link all those platforms, create continuous content to show off your brand and show that it is active, and offer a personal touch that shows off your taste and knowledge of your industry. Cultivating a stellar social media presence is very demanding! Luckily there are apps to help your brand stay active on social media and get the attention it needs.

Here are 10 apps that will help you boost your online presence:

  1. Hootsuite
    • globally recognized app for social media management
    • offers a range of settings and features that supports the major social media sites
    • enables you to monitor your posts and review what your audience are saying about your brand, products and content on different sites
    • built-in analytics system makes it possible to monitor selected keywords, schedule a post to publish at the right time and track your activity
    • used by over 10 million professionals

  1. Buffer
    • can organize many social media accounts and make marketing more manageable
    • allows you to schedule your social posts, update your timelines
    • shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day
    • supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram
    • has tools like photo editing, group collaboration and data analytics about your social media performance

  1. If This Then That (IFTTT)
    • works across 400+ services
    • can streamline and automate social media management
    • runs through platform-specific applets
    • offers a specialized approach to marketing
    • features include automatically saving attachments to Google Drive, backing up texts and sending notifications for specific emails
    • divides its applets into features specific to platforms like Google, iOS, photography etc.

  1. Tweriod
    • analyzes both your and your followers tweets
    • provides you with accurate information as to when your users are most active
    • finds the best time to tweet to audiences of different categories, or based on your marketing goals

  1. Socialoomph
    • helps with scheduling posts, managing accounts, reviewing analytic data and tracking keyword use across different social media platforms
    • has features that can boost your brand awareness
    • sends you tweets that are relevant to your brand
    • alerts you when your brand or website is mentioned in a tweet or post

  1. Sprout Social
    • helps you to create and maintain your network
    • allows you and your team observe, reply, gauge and work together
    • fosters communication with leads and social fans
    • resolve issues
    • creates brand advocates
    • information is easy to access and organized in six areas: messages, tasks, feeds, publishing, discovery, and report

  1. AgoraPulse
    • feature-heavy social media management app
    • content scheduling and message tracking
    • increase efficiency of social media use
    • features in-depth analytics and report-creation

  1. Buzzsumo
    • data analytics showing how much attention certain topics and types of content are getting
    • search bar features can show relevant links on the internet and social media

  1. Post Planner
    • allows marketing teams to post efficiently
    • analyzes audience interests with a variety of algorithms to recommend topics
    • includes an intuitive post-scheduling tool so the most effective content is posted at the right times

  1. Audiense
    • versatile social media app that allows you to determine the tweets your audience responds to the most
    • provides information about your customers
    • identifies influencers who can amplify your audience
    • gives insights to optimize ad performance

These are ten of the most effective tools out there for boosting your online presence, but there are many more and there is no doubt that you can find the ones that are the best fit for your brand and your business goals. In order to get the most out of your social media presence you should focus on relationship-building and not follower-collecting: show off your personal side a little bit to make your brand more memorable and help customers feel more connected to you. Don’t forget to help your potential clients connect with you, by keeping your SageGroupy profile up to date and looking great!


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