Help! I Can't Land Clients


If you’re a regular reader of the Sagegroupy blog, you’ll know that every week we offer advice on how to succeed as a solopreneur. Hopefully you’ve been following all our great advice and you’re having no trouble finding clients. What if you’ve been following all our advice but still aren’t finding any clients? There could be a few things going wrong and we’ve made a list of 15 reasons you might not be landing clients.

  1. You don’t know how you can help clients (what problem can you solve? how is hiring you an investment?)
  2. You don’t have a niche (generalists can find work but you’ll get more work if you’re an expert in a niche area)
  3. Your rates are too high/too low/unknown (if your rates are outside industry standards or out of line with your experience, clients will run the other way)
  4. You have no onboard process or no process at all (not knowing how to give an immediate estimate or task-timeline will scare clients away)
  5. Your brand lacks personality (clients don’t want to hire a generic person with generic ideas)
  6. Clients can’t figure out what you do (an unclear website wastes time - it should be immediately obvious what it is that you do)
  7. There is no proof of your skills (your portfolio is minimal and there are no links to completed projects on your website)
  8. You’re not putting yourself out there enough (get on every freelance website and all over social media; be warm and cold-pitching all over the place)
  9. You’re not qualified for the work you want to do (start smaller and build up towards your goal-niche)
  10. You write bad pitches and/or proposals (be sure to be job-specific, the same as when you’re applying for a traditional job; take them seriously - make them polished! If you have no skills in this area, try taking an online course)
  11. You have no self-confidence (maybe your correspondance is worded in a wishy-washy way, or your website is meek and mild; clients can’t have confidence in you if you sound unsure)
  12. You don’t take your business seriously (perhaps you still think of yourself as a work-for-hire individual, rather than a business working with other businesses)
  13. You’re email marketing badly (template emails addressed to a generic title, rather than specific emails addressed to the right person, are not going to get any response)
  14. You need to try something new to attract attention (maybe your website needs a blog or new pictures, or it could be that your networking strategy needs tweaking; try some new strategies and get outside of your comfort zone)
  15. You’re not really putting in the work (be honest - you say you’re hustling your brand but you’re really just half-assing it most of the time. Freelancing takes work - especially in the beginning - and you might need to put in way more work to establish yourself as a solopreneur than you did at working your old desk-job)

Hopefully this list will give you the push you need to get over the early days of freelancing or a dry spell and onto becoming a successful solopreneur. Check out our other blog posts for more great freelancing tips and be sure to sign up with Sagegroupy so you’re visible to even more potential clients.

Author: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Feb 08, 2019

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