How To Get Started As A Content Developer

How To Get STarted As A Content Developer

Content development is in high demand because content influences almost every other online strategy.

The average website contains 70% words and 30% graphics. Content developers are those people who create the original content that you enjoy reading on various website. blogs and social media platforms. While it sounds as though all good content developers must have a degree in journalism or english literature, that is not the case today. Although, a degree in journalism or any related discipline would be an edge to a content developer, you can still become a great content developer without any degree. If you have an interest in writing, you can have what it takes to be a content developer.

How is it done? Read on:

Learn Different Styles

For every type of writing, there are different types of styles. For example, news stories are broken into short paragraphs, with hard verbs and with the most informative paragraph at the top of the news. With blogs, it is more friendly, casual, authentic and lively. So to be a good content developer, you must learn and understand these different writing styles.

Pick Your Niche

Writing or content development is a huge niche on its own. You can’t afford to just write about anything, you must know about what you want to write. Do you have good imagery and can you convey it? Then you would be best suited to write stories and blog posts rather than technical articles. Your niche must be based on what you are comfortable with, and what you do best effortlessly. While some content writers pride themselves on being generalists, they all still have a sub-niche that goes straight to their heart.

Be Original

Make it your reputation to be original, in your style of writing, your perspective and angle of thought. Of course, like the name suggests – you are a creator, not a repairer. So you are to build from the ground up. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.

Become Best Friends With Deadlines

In addition to having an interesting writing style, you will need to be very good at meeting your deadlines, because you will be faced with lot of them. There is a lot of competition in the freelance content development space but also a lot of work available. To be a successful content creator, you must love deadlines in order to make sure you build up your client base with repeat customers. Fall behind and you will get left behind.

Don’t Stop Reading

To be a good writer, you must be a good reader. Therefore, to be a good content creator you must never stop reading. Never, ever.

Build Your Portfolio On Freelance Sites

If you are just starting out, offering your services on a freelance site like Sage Groupy, Upwork or Guru, is the easiest place to start. You will need samples of your writing, so pick some topics in your niche and write the best articles you can. They do not have to be published. However, if you want to get your foot in the door fast, you can offer a few pro bono pieces to some blogs that agree to have your name as the author, and voila, you are a professional content developer.

Apart from popular freelancing websites, your skills as a content creator can be used elsewhere as several blogs and websites like Forbes welcome opinion posts and editorials. Build a reputation before you appraoch these sites though as they look for credited writers with experience.

Take Credit When You Can

Although some sites prefer ghost writers, many will let you put your name on the articles you write. Always inquire if that is an available option. Havin gyour name as the published will help you build respect and notiriety and give you the credit you have earned.

Promote Yourself On Social Media

Another way to make a name for yourself, blast every article you write (if you have permission) on your social media. Fill out your Linked In profile properly and include any articles you have written (again, with permission). This is an easy way to help develop your online presence and will build your reputation.

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Author: Tatiana Rivers- Tati Rivs Social Media Marketing

How to get started as a content developer

Posted in Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Apr 11, 2018

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