How to get started as a virtual assistant

how to get started as a virtual assistant

Virtual Assitants Are The Tech Savvy CEO's Secret Weapon

An assistant is someone you call in to help with tasks; from simple administrative tasks to complex brainstorming and decision making processes. It is the job of an assistant to make your job easier, and whether you are a busy CEO, a solopreneur or a small business owner, an assistant can help you keep things organized and help you scale your business. A virtual assistant, can do all of this, without stepping into your office, thanks to today's smart technology.

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly more popular due to their flexibility and affordability. VA’s not only save you time and money, but they are also an affordable and experienced investment in the growth of a company. In addition, virtual jobs are becoming more attractive for the work life balance they can offer and the ease of entry. Technology has allowed for workers to have more flexibility in their schedule and complete a wide range of tasks that don’t require them to be physically present in an office. It also allows for businesses to access a huge talent pool that may not be readily available in their neighborhood.

If you have been considering becoming a virtual assistant, we have put together the steps you need to take in order to start.

Start With A Freelancing Platform

The easiest place to start your virtual assistant career is on a freelance platform like Upwork, Sage Groupy orFiverr. These platforms allow you offer your services to prospective clients. Before you setup you complete your profile, spend time studying other VA’s with good ratings. Starting on a platform is the easiest option, especially if you are just starting out, it rather than going it alone and setting up your own website. Clients are already available and the platform you chose takes care of most of the other details (like payment).

Start Small

Start small and build up your worth over time. If you have no experience, taking on a few pro bono clients or temporarily working at lower cost will ensure that you can build up your portfolio. Consider this part a practical education cost. Don’t take more than you can handle at a particular time, and always ensure you deliver quality jobs on time for the best reviews and ratings.

Get Involved In Social Media

A virtual assistant must have in depth knowledge of social media since you will be using them extensively. While you are looking out for clients, you must focus your attention where your prospective clients are hanging out. Relationship are key and important and they can be cultivated and secured via social media. So ensure you get involved and use your media effectively, platforms like LInkedIn are especially important for building that professional network. It can also be used to send messages to prospective clients and offer your services.

Build Your Portfolio

When the work you have been waiting for eventually comes in, make sure that you update your skills, and build up your portfolio. Each job you land builds your credibility, make sure that is documented and raise your rates accordingly as you gain more experience.

Being a VA can be a great lifestyle choice, as long as you have internet, you can perform your job from anywhere. For more tips on freelancing see the following posts:

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