Tasks that You Should Outsource to a Freelancer


When you run a small business you need to keep your costs down in order to make a profit and keep your business healthy. One way to keep your overhead costs down is by hiring freelancers to handle tasks instead of hiring inhouse fulltime or parttime employees. Freelancers are cheaper than regular employees because they don’t require office space, and you don’t need to worry about payroll taxes or any benefits. When your business is a brand new start-up, hiring freelancers can really help you get off the ground without the burden of needing a large office space to house employees or having to pay monthly salaries. When you hire a freelancer you only have to pay for their actual work, not for them to have lunch or to sit around the office chatting. Here are several types of tasks you should hire a freelancer to do for your business today:

Information Technology Related Tasks:

You can hire a freelancer to develop software and/or apps and perform email systems management. Website and server hosting can be outsourced as well. You can even have online customer support service for your business run entirely by freelancers. Pretty much anything to do with computers can be done remotely.

Administrative and Bookkeeping Related Tasks:

Virtual assistants can handle most of your business's administrative tasks remotely. In our increasingly cashless society most of your business’s accounting can now be done off-site by a freelancer. You can even hire a freelancer once a year at tax-time to do your taxes.

Online Presence Related Tasks:

Hire a blogger to keep your company’s website blog running and hire a social media manager to share that blog and do other tasks to maintain and boost your business's online presence all over social media.

Media Related Tasks:

There are many fantastic freelance graphic designers out there nowadays and you definitely do not need to to hire someone in house to design your logo, ads, signage etc. You can also hire a freelancer to produce your promotional video content so your advertisements look fresh and get your business more attention. Don’t forget about hiring copywriters to write up some fantastic copy for your website or advertisements!

Marketing Related Tasks:

Marketing is a time consuming task that all business just starting-out need to rely heavily on to increase sales and reach clients. Luckily you can hire freelancers to do all types of time-consuming marketing-related tasks so that you can focus on your product. These tasks might include generating and running email marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, telemarketing, and even finding leads.

Project Management:

The newest outsourcing possibility is project management. You can now hire a project manager to run projects for your business from start to finish. They’ll hire and manage the personnel required to take your project from conception and turn it into a completed product. If your business has many ongoing jobs, considering outsourcing their management to an experienced project manager who can handle the whole task for you.

The freelance world is growing and has the talented people you need to help you with your business. Do not hesitate to hire reliable freelancers in order to save money and focus more on your business’s products and services. If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, check out the fantastic freelancers we have here on Sagegroupy.

Author: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Business Tips on Feb 15, 2019

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