The Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancing is Ideal


If you're thinking of making the leap from traditional employment into freelancing this list might help you make the transition, check out the top 5 reasons why freelancing is ideal:

1. Flexibility

Being a freelancer means that you can choose when and where to work and find the work-life balance that fits you best.

Unless you’re hired to do an in-office project for one of your clients, you do not have to stick to conventional office hours. Choosing your own work hours, whether that means working nights or splitting your work day up into small manageable chunks, means you can work whenever it suits you. This is great for people who are unable to keep conventional schedules, such as caregivers or those dealing with a chronic illness. Setting your own schedule also means that you can choose to work hard for a certain time span and then take some time off when you want to. It is great not having to worry about coworkers covering for you during your vacation.

Most freelancers do not have to go into an office and can work from wherever they want, whether that means working from the comfort of your living room, a cafe, or a shared working-space. This is great for people who live in remote areas, where there are no local jobs in their industry and those who want to travel while making money. Even if you’re not travelling off to remote locales, not having to go into the office means that you have no commute and can use your time more efficiently. Plus no office means no dress code, so you can dress as comfortable, as casual, or as spiffy as you want to on a daily basis.

2. Money

Having a glance at some of the most popular freelance sites might give the impression that freelancers have to race down to the lowest price in order to get clients to hire them. This may be true for people who are just starting out and need to work for cheap in order to build their reputation and their portfolio, but once freelancers prove their worth they no longer have to keep working for peanuts. Reliable freelancers who produce quality work will gain a good reputation and the more in-demand you are the more your earning potential rises. Since you are a one person business, you can set your own rates and choose which projects to take on, so the opportunity for advancement is endless.

Besides making money, freelancing might actually help you save some money. Starting your own freelance business costs less money to start-up than a traditional business because you can do it out of your own home with very low overhead costs. Depending on your country, you may benefit from certain tax deductions that you wouldn’t qualify for as an employee.

3. Being the Boss

Being your own boss means that you can run your business your way and take it in whatever direction you choose as you learn and grow. Even though freelancing can appear less stable than working for a big successful company, we all know that in this day and age no job is guaranteed to stand the test of time. When you’re not working for someone else you cannot be dismissed, demoted or moved. If you do projects for a variety of clients losing one here and there in hard times doesn’t set you back too far and you can recover by finding new clients and keep your freelance career on track.

Freelancers may feel some stress as projects come to an end, worrying about looking for new clients - if that applies to you check out our post on how to get and keep clients onboard on the SageGroupy blog. The upside to working on a project to project basis is that you have the chance to drop bad or unreliable clients, or quit doing work you hate. Telling your boss in a traditional work environment that you do not want to work with a certain coworker or a client does not usually go over very well - luckily freelancers are their own boss!

4. Lifelong Learning

Freelancers control the direction of their own business and are often enthusiastic about learning new things related to business practices and within their trade. While we should all engage in life longing learning, freelancers have the continual opportunity to upgrade skills related to their field, business, or entirely new pursuits if they want to take their business in a different direction.

5. It is a Growing Industry

Freelancers are more in demand than ever and are likely to stay that way, so now is a great time to start working for yourself and reap the benefits of being part of a growing industry. Sign up with SageGroupy to start finding clients today!

Author: S.Suzuyama

Posted in News on Oct 05, 2018

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