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Females Are On The Rise In Freelancing

Posted in News, Freelancing Tips on Jul 12, 2017

In the UK, 80% of new freelancers will be female, and in the United States, 53% of freelancers are female. That’s significant but not really that surprising. Freelancing offers a lifestyle that works really well with women.

There is No Glass Ceiling In Freelancing

Posted in News, Freelancing For Beginners on Jul 05, 2017

The on line workspace is like the wild west. Out with the old rules of the old world and in with new. New means simply you need to be hungry to learn and to adapt.

Do You Have What it Takes To Be A Freelancer?

Posted in Freelancing For Beginners on May 24, 2017

If you are considering freelancing but don’t know if you have what is required, we are here to tell that you probably do. What’s more we will tell you how you can upgrade your skill set to attract the type of clients you want.