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How to Post a Job on Sagegroupy

Posted in News on Jul 24, 2019

Here at Sagegroupy we take pride in helping clients and freelancers connect and we have made it even easier for clients and freelancers to connect by establishing a job board. Clients can post their project and have freelancers apply for the position. Just follow our step-by-step guide to posting and you will find the right freelancer for the job in no time.

Keep an Eye on these Business and Tech Trends

Posted in News on May 13, 2019

Freelancers and business owners alike can benefit from being on top of the latest trends in business, tech and beyond. With all your projects and your business-growth goals, it is hard to keep on top of the latest trends in business and technology. Luckily, Sagegoupy is the freelancer’s friend and we are always here to lend a hand. Just in case you missed it here are some important business and tech trends, and a few things to keep an eye on.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancing is Ideal

Posted in News on Oct 05, 2018

If you're thinking of making the leap from traditional employment into freelancing this list might help you make the transition, check out the top 5 reasons why we think freelancing is ideal.

The Rewards and Risks of being a Solopreneur

Posted in News, Freelancing For Beginners on May 11, 2018

Not everyone thrives in the office environment and more people are turning away from traditional work structures and choosing to become independent workers. In our last post we looked at the rise of the solopreneur, how they differ from other types of independent workers and how they contribute to the workforce. In this post the benefits and potential pitfalls that solopreneurs might encounter will be examined.

The Rise of the Solopreneur

Posted in News on May 04, 2018

The term solopreneur has been around for a while now, however many people are not quite sure what exactly a solopreneur is and if they’re more like an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

Interesting Stats For Freelancers 2018

Posted in News, Resources, Freelancing Tips on Feb 14, 2018

Interesting statistics that freelancers should know in 2018

Why Your Freelance Business Needs A Blog

Posted in News, Resources, Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Dec 27, 2017

We list four reasons why your freelance business will do better if you have a blog.

7 Places Where You Can Find Freelance Jobs

Posted in News, Resources, Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Dec 20, 2017

Here are 7 places where you can look for freelance jobs today.

5 New Years Resolutions For Freelancers

Posted in News, Resources, Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Dec 06, 2017

The freelance industry is diverse and no two freelance businesses are alike. That being said, there are common objectives that each freelancer can have that will help to create a more prosperous 2018. We put together our top 5 New Year’s resolutions, that we think will be good priorities to for next year. Not too big, not too small, totally doable.

How To Stand Out Against Your Freelance Competitors

Posted in News, Freelancing For Beginners, Freelancing Tips on Oct 11, 2017

The freelance space is competitive and it can be tough to stand out. We have put together a few tips to help you find your niche and stand out against your competition.