6 Times You Should Fire a Freelancer


Small and growing businesses can save money and time by hiring freelancers to complete projects. The vast majority of times expert freelancers will deliver great products on time and everyone will walk away from the experience happy, hopefully with plans to work together again in the future. However, occasionally things do not go as planned and clients are left wondering: is it time I fired this freelancer?

Here are 6 times you should fire your freelancer:

1. There are Communication Problems:

  • Are you having trouble communicating with them?
  • Are you unable to reach them?
  • Do you not hear back from them in a timely manner?
  • Are they unable to understand your requests?

2. There are Problems with the Product:

  • Is their work sloppy or poorly produced?
  • Is it not what you agreed on?
  • Are you unable to use the product?
  • Have they failed to produce any work at all?

3. They have Breached the Contract:

  • Did they violate a non-disclosure agreement?
  • Are they not meeting deadlines?
  • Did they not deliver the expected product?
  • Have they violated any other part of the contract?

4. You are Having Personality Clashes:

  • Are you having a difficult time working with them?
  • Are they unprofessional?

5. You are No Longer in Need their Services:

  • Have you decided to go in a different direction?
  • Are you terminating the project they were working on?
  • Have you hired someone in-house to do the same work?

6. You Cannot Afford to Pay Them:

  • Have they increased their rates and you cannot afford them anymore?
  • Are their services are not yielding the returns you expected?
  • Are you having financial problems? Do them the courtesy of cutting them loose before you cannot pay them.

Before you fire a freelancer, ask yourself one more question:

Have you given them a chance to fix the problem?

If yes and they still haven’t fixed it, then it is time to let them go.

When terminating a freelancer, or any employee, be professional and be sure to honour the contract you have with them if they have not breached it in anyway. For example, if a 30 day notice is required before a dissolution of the contract, it is best to honour that so you don’t end-up with legal problems. The best way to avoid having to fire a freelancer is to find and hire the ones, and you can do that right here on Sagegroupy. Check out our large pool of talented freelancers today!

Authour: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Business Tips on Sep 20, 2019

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