Collaboration Tools for Remote Teamwork


The modern day workplace is evolving and more projects are being done by team members who have to collaborate from various locations. Whether team members are sharing a quiet office space, working from home in a nearby neighbourhood, or from an office on the other side of the globe, thanks to technology collaboration has never been easier. Here a few collaboration tools to help make remote teamwork easier.

Cage is a media collaboration and project workflow tool that helps designers, agencies and teams share their creative work. With Cage you can smoothly communicate with clients for feedback, review and product approval, as well as organize tasks and projects and track your team’s progress.

Glip is a platform centered on conversations which combines messaging, video calls, with a task manager and team calendar. It also offers a notes app so you can record your notes and thoughts about various aspects of your project. With Glip you can manage tasks in the to-do list and it offers the fun option of being able to upload images and turn them into stickers.

Hangouts by Google is a messaging, voice and video calling communication platform that offers dedicated spaces for group conversations. It is a core G Suite product and it allows you to view content from drives and docs and other Google apps in your chat. With Hangouts you can have private one-to-one or group conversations and it syncs across all your devices.

InVision is a design collaboration tool that allows team members to see the entire product design workflow in one place. It facilitates design discussions by providing real time collaboration, as well as tracking feedback and questions between designers and clients.

Ryver brings all team communication into one place and combines it with task management. It offers workflow automation, built-in integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, as well as built-in audio and video calls. With Ryver you can create as many teams as needed and categorize tasks and projects.

Slack is a widely used online based chatroom that allows you to communicate with colleagues in real time. You can have public, private or one-on-one conversations and collaborate via file sharing. Slack has many available integrations, such as apps that report on business activity or video conferencing. It also has powerful search capabilities so you can find just what you’re looking for within the platform.

Trello is a project management tool that keeps everything organized with a visual depiction of what needs to be accomplished. It uses lists, boards and cards to prioritize and organize. You can give feedback to the whole team by moving cards, commenting, adding due dates and by adding attachments.

Zoom is a reliable webinar and web conferencing platform offering one-on-one or team meetings, with up to 50 participants and 10,000 attendees. It has whiteboard capability and screen sharing. With Zoom you can share photos, documents and cloud content, as well as make recordings and transcripts. It also has cross platform messaging and file sharing capabilities.

These are only a few of the options out there for remote team collaboration. If you didn’t see your favourite tool on the list, leave us a comment and let us know why you love it - or if there is one of these tools that you are not fond off, let us know. All of us here at Sagegroupy would love to hear from you!

Authour: S.Suzuayama

Posted in Resources on Sep 13, 2019

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