Sending Holiday Greetings to Clients


The holiday season is now upon us and you might be thinking of sending out some season’s greetings to clients and potential clients. Sending a greeting can be a great way to foster relationships with current clients, attract new clients, remind previous clients of your existence and show your gratitude to those who regularly support your business. So if you’re still just thinking about it, you’d better hurry up and get those greetings ready! It’s the first week of December and there’s still time to send them out. We’ve made a list of a few Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when sending holiday greetings:

  • Don’t wait - send them now in early December, especially if you’re using snail mail.

  • Do choose a quality card - if you’re using snail mail use a quality envelope and holiday stamps.

  • Don’t be afraid to use email - email is better than nothing if you cannot afford timewise or moneywise to send greeting cards. It is also totally acceptable if that is the only way you communicate with your clients, which is quite common for freelancers.

  • Don’t send E-Cards - real cards are best. E-cards aren’t for business, they’re for friends and family

  • Do write a holiday message - make it stand out from your usual correspondence. Try things like:

    • “At this special time of year, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you. I wish you happiness and peace in the new year. Happy Holidays!”

    • “I wish you, your friends, family, and everyone at (business name) a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and happiness.”

    • “It has been great working with you this year. I wish you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous 2019!”

  • Do be sensitive about the recipients beliefs - not everyone celebrates the same holidays as you do! If you can, find out which (if any) holiday the recipient celebrates and send the appropriate greeting. Or try a New Year’s greeting:
    • “Thank you for your business in 2018, it has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals and I look forward to continuing to contribute to your success in 2019. I wish you a prosperous and happy new year!”

  • Don’t write a formulaic greeting - spamming everyone with the same message is boring and unmemorable.

  • Do write a personal message - address the recipient by name. Use any personal information you might know about them; knowledge about their family, hobbies, business goals make it personal greeting.

  • Don’t include a family letter - that is not appropriate in a business setting.

  • Do include a business letter - they are useful if you want to update clients on changes to your business and its growth.

  • Don’t try and sell them something - it’ll taint the whole spirit of the message. Staying on their radar is good enough without trying to upsell your clients.

  • Do say “Thank you for your business” in your greeting - the holidays are a great opportunity to express your gratitude to your clients.

We here at SageGroupy are so happy that you are part of our community and we wish you the warmest of holidays. We look forward to growing and working with all of our freelancers and clients and can’t wait to foster more prosperous connections in 2019. Thank you for your continued support of SageGroupy, the freelancer’s friend.

Author: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Freelancing Tips, Business Tips on Dec 03, 2018

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