Freelancing to Stay in the Workforce


Traditional jobs are great for when you can work traditional hours and do not need any flexibility or a lot of accommodations. However, what happens when you can’t be part of the traditional workforce? Freelancing is great for people who need flexibility in their lives but want and need to stay in the workforce. Not everyone who turns to freelancing for income is in it for the long haul, sometimes freelancing is a bridge between periods of employment, or when the traditional work structure just isn’t a good fit. So who does freelancing help stay in the workforce?

People with Health Issues

Freelancing can be great for people living with a chronic illness, people undergoing treatment for, or recovering from an illness, and those with mental health challenges. When you freelance from home you can work in bed if your mobility is limited or when you’re not feeling well. Working from home also means that you don’t need to worry about the time and energy it takes to get ready and get out of the house and commute to your workplace - you can even work in your pajamas if necessary. When you freelance you can set your own schedule and space out deadlines, being more productive when you feel well and pacing yourself when you aren’t up to working much. This also means you can choose to take on only the projects you can handle, if you’re going through a particularly rough patch you can scale back for a little bit without the fear of getting fired. Freelancing from home also means you can limit your exposure to germs and do not have to deal with the social pressure or stress of office politics.


Any of us may find ourselves in the position of needing time off from the traditional work structure in order to care for a child, sick spouse, elderly parent or someone else in need of care. If you have loved ones you may find yourself in the position of being a caregiver at some point and freelancing might help you work around their care while keeping your resume current and paying the bills. Freelance work can also provide you with something else to focus on and a bit of respite from your demanding role; giving you a sense of accomplishment outside of your role as caregiver.


Whether you're taking a break from the traditional work force to earn a degree, or you’re in college or high school and have skills to offer, freelancing can be great for students. A flexible schedule means you can work around classes to earn money for tuition fees or for living expenses. It can help you build up your resume and portfolio before graduation, or keep your resume current while you take a break from the traditional workforce to focus on your studies. Freelance work is a good chance to practice the skills that you’re learning in classroom out in the real world.


One day you might find yourself at the end of your main career and done with working a fulltime job, but still wanting a little income and to share the skills you’ve acquired over the years. Working as a freelancer, a retiree can work as much or as little as desired. You could focus on using skills you most enjoyed using during your career, or you could use the opportunity to try something new, or to turn a hobby into an income earner. Freelancing after retirement gives you the chance to stay in the game, learn new skills, and keep yourself from getting bored.

The Unemployed, Underemployed and Those in Need of Supplemental Income

It’s a sad reality that in this day and age any of us might suddenly find ourselves downsized and without immediate employment opportunities. Sometimes it can be difficult to find work in your industry, or you might have a job but one with not enough hours or income. There may also be times when you have a decent job but it is below your skill level and doesn’t give you the opportunity to build your portfolio and show the world what you are really capable of. In any of these situations, freelancing can help. First of all, everybody has a bottom line and if yours is not being met and the bills need to be paid, freelancing or adding a side-gig can provide needed cash. It is also flexible enough to fit in around other jobs, job hunting, or interviews. Taking on a side-gig can also provide you with a chance to flex your muscles in an area that your current job does not, so that you can build your resume and portfolio in preparation to apply for your dream job when the time is right.

Everyone thrives under different conditions and some people who try freelancing might find it fits their lifestyle perfectly, while others decide to return to the traditional workforce . Even if freelancing is only your just-for-now gig, why not create a profile with Sagegroupy so that potential clients can find you today.

Author: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Freelancing Tips on Mar 04, 2019

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