Getting Back into the Workforce via Freelancing


It’s a sad reality that in this day and age any of us might suddenly find ourselves downsized and without immediate employment opportunities. Sometimes it can be difficult to find work in your industry, or you might have a job but not enough hours or income. There may also be times when you have a decent job but it is below your skill level and doesn’t give you the opportunity to build your portfolio and show the world what you are capable of. In any of these situations, freelancing can help.

As much as we love connecting freelancers with clients and promoting the freedom and flexibility that freelancing offers, here at Sagegroupy we realize that not every all freelancers want to freelance forever. Transition doesn’t mean failure, whether it means going from an in-house office gig to freelancing, or from freelancing back into the traditional workforce. Life changes; with technology and remote-work being possible, we are lucky enough to be able to change our working environment during our careers when necessary. If your life is steering you out of the traditional workforce for now, or if you have been out of the workforce for a while, read on to see how freelancing can help you stay in the game and keep your career on track.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility that Freelancing Offers

Freelancing is flexible enough to fit in around other jobs, job hunting, and interviews. Taking on a side-gig can also provide you with a chance to flex your muscles in an area that your current job does not, so that you can build your resume and portfolio and apply for your dream job when the time is right. Not to mention is provides a much needed income!

Keep your Head in the Game

While you’re between jobs, freelancing can give you the opportunity to practice your skills and keep on top of the latest developments and trends in your field. It might even provide a chance to add new skills to your repertoire, by working on projects that are different from the type you worked on at your last job.

Show off your Portfolio

As you take on projects and build a freelancing portfolio, do not be shy about showing it off. Use social media and your existing networks to get the word out to potential employers that you are still working hard to produce quality work. When a position comes up and you approach a prospective employer, have your portfolio ready to shine and show off what you can do for them.

Build Relationships

If you have been working with a client for a while and have built up a great working relationship with them, why not ask if they might have an in-house position available for you? As long as you approach your clients in a professional manner and a position isn’t available for you at the moment, they will still hire you as a freelancer. Let your clients know that you love working with them and are interested in working for them permanently. If they need your skills on a regular basis and like working with you, they might just find a way to hire you in-house when their budget allows. Besides the clients you work with, do not forget to develop relationships with other freelancers. Once you have good working relationships with people in your field, let them know you are looking for a position in the traditional workforce. Even though other freelancers do not work in-house, they are valuable contacts in your industry who might be able to help you out.

Keep your Resume Current

Freelancing prevents gaps from forming on your resume. Do not forget to use this to your advantage by updating your resume with your latest projects before handing it out to potential employers.

Whether you’ve been downsized or are freelancing because parts of your life demand a little more flexibility than a traditional work environment can give you, it is a great choice to keep your resume current and your career moving forward. Adversely, if you have been a solopreneur for a while, going back to the office doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Transitioning back to the traditional workforce and its dependable pay cheques and paid-vacations, migh be a better fit for your life at the moment. If you find yourself freelancing, for now or for the long haul, create a profile with Sagegroupy so that potential clients can find you today.

Authour: S.Suzuyama

Posted in Freelancing Tips on Aug 05, 2019

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